2020-21 Information, Policies and Pricing

Important Dates for the 2020-21 Dance Season:

Due to the uncertainty of regulations and restrictions from COVID-19 the studio calendar is only providing the schedule up until Session II of January 2021

  • First day of classes: Monday, September 14th
  • Monthly Tuition: Automatic payments must be set up prior to Wednesday, September 30th. You will receive an email with your 2020-21 monthly tuition prior to the end of September. While you are setting up recurring payments, September tuition must be paid at that time.
  • October through May Tuition: Will be charged automatically through our recurring payment system. June’s tuition payment is half of your monthly amount and will be due by June 1st through our One-Time Payment link on our website
  • Mandatory Costume Sizing Week: Monday, November 2nd - Saturday, November 7th
  • Costume Fees: Due November 15th payable on our website (see more information below)
  • Thanksgiving Break: Wednesday, November 25th - Sunday, November 29th
  • Parent Observation: Monday, December 14th through Saturday, December 19th
  • Holiday Break: Monday, December 21st through Sunday, January 3rd
  • Session II Begins: Monday, January 4th

2020-21 Recital:

The University of Buffalo is not yet booking events for the Spring of 2021. Once booking is available, Dress Rehearsal and Recital dates will be communicated to everyone.

Quarantine Solutions:

NEW Due to the event that NYS re-enters a state of quarantine during our 2020-21 dance season, classes will resume during their normal day and time virtually. All students will be expected to attend classes as such until normal activity can resume. Teachers will be responsible to create content and report to their classes during the same time frames, so tuition will still be charged and collected in full. Parents will be responsible to provide a safe place for students to dance in their homes. Teachers will be reasonable with the content they provide making sure it is suitable for virtual learning.

Closing Information for Weather:

Please utilize our Remind app text the number 81010 with the message @smddance to subscribe to our reminders.
Please reference Facebook and our website homepage. We do not coordinate our closings due to weather with any particular school district.


To ensure student progression throughout the year it is imperative that class absences are limited to 3 or less classes per session, per class. Students who exceed the number of absences could jeopardize their involvement in the recital, competition or any other performances. Their participation will be up to the discretion of Kelly and Yvonne. Also, please note that being on time for class is essential for a proper warm-up. This includes virtual classes. 

Parent Observation:

Visitors may observe classes during our scheduled observation weeks (see above). It is important to attend these classes to keep updated on studio information. Please note that Parent Observation (Session II) is mandatory (this date is yet to be determined). We take this time to inform parents of costumes, picture days, and our June recital. All students are to bring their costumes to Parent Observation (Session II). We will be checking costumes and verifying details for hair and accessories. If necessary due to COVID-19 regulations, we will provide virtual access to classes for observation purposes.


Dance is a team activity in which everyone's involvement is necessary. Please note that Dress Rehearsal along with our Friday and Saturday performances are mandatory and it is imperative that you are available to commit. Students that are unable to do so must inform Kelly and Yvonne prior to the completion of Session I. Failure to do so may jeopardize involvement in the June recital.

Medical Conditions:

The safety and well being of our staff and students is extremely important to us. All parents/guardians are responsible for informing teachers and assistants (in addition to Kelly and Yvonne) about all medical conditions/allergies associated with each student. Please utilize the medical conditions and allergies line on our registration form. We do not monitor the food and drinks that come in and out of our studio, therefore the studio is not an allergy free space. Sherry Martin staff is not responsible or qualified to administer medication. Students and parents are personally responsible for themselves at all times.

Registration Fee:

$50.00 (per family) non refundable, due at the time of online registration.
This fee reserves your child's spot in their desired classes along with administration costs.

Tuition Pricing:

NEW this year September through May tuition will be collected through our recurring payment system. Automatic payments must be set up prior to Wednesday, September 30th. You will receive an email with your 2020-21 monthly tuition prior to the end of September. While you are setting up recurring payments, September tuition must be paid at that time. June's tuition payment (in the amount of exactly half of your normal monthly tuition) will be due by June 1st and can be paid through our One-Time Payment link.

Music & Movement - $40.00 per session (no registration fee required)

Creative Movement I & II, Ballet/Jazz/Tap I, II, & III - $50.00 per month                

30 minute Tap and Hip-Hop classes - $30.00 per month (no discounts applied)

45 minute classes - $50.00 per month

60 minute classes - $55.00 per month

75 minute classes - $60.00 per month 

Multiple Class Discount (per dancer)
$55.00 - for 1 class per month
$50.00 - for 2nd class per month ($105.00 per month)
$45.00 - for 3rd class per month ($150.00 per month)
$25.00 - for 4th class per month ($175.00 per month)
$15.00 - for 5th class per month ($190.00 per month)
$10.00 - for 6th class per month ($200.00 per month)
The cost schedule is based on 1 hour classes 

Competition classes and fees are priced separately

Late Fees:

Regarding late tuition payments, costume payments, and recital fees:

For every week a payment is past due a $5.00 late fee will apply

Costume Fee:

Please note: NYS sales tax is not included. All costume fees must be paid through our website. 
Beginner/Intermediate: $75.00 (per costume, plus tax)
Intermediate/Advanced: $85.00 (per costume, plus tax)
All costume fees are due by November 15th, 2020
Costumes will not be ordered unless payment has been received in full (late charges will apply)
There are NO refunds on costume payments

Recital Fee:

$30.00 per student
This administrative fee is put towards the organization, preparation and participation of our 2020-21 Recital, held at UB Center for the Arts, Mainstage. Recital fees are due by February 15th, 2021 made payable on our website