2022-23 Information, Pricing & Policies

Important Dates for the 2022-23 Dance Season:

2022-23 SM Dance Fees:

All fees listed below will be charged through our recurring payment system with the credit card used to register for our 2022-23 dance season. If at any time your credit card on file needs to be updated, please contact the studio directly. A $3.00 processing fee applies to every charge.

Monthly Tuition: Will be charged on the 1st of every month September - June

Costume Fees: For your convenience, costume fees may be paid on our website at any time during the month of November. Starting on Thursday, December 1st any costume fees that are unpaid will be charged automatically using the card we have on file.

Recital Fees: Will be charged on Wednesday, February 1st 2023 (see recital fee below).

2022-23 Important Dates:

  • Session I Begins: Monday, September 12th
  • Mandatory Costume Sizing Week: Monday, October 24th through Saturday, October 29th
  • No Classes on Halloween: Monday, October 31st
  • Thanksgiving Break: Wednesday, November 23rd through Sunday, November 27th
  • Tentative Winter Performance Dates: December 9th and 10th
  • Last Day of Session I: Monday, December 19th
  • Winter Break: Tuesday, December 20th through Monday, January 2nd
  • Session II Begins: Tuesday, January 3rd
  • February Break: Monday, February 20th through Sunday, February 26th
  • Spring Break: Monday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 9th
  • Recital Information Week: Parents are welcome to attend all regular scheduled classes starting Saturday, May 20th through Friday, May 26th
  • Studio Closed on Wednesday, June 14th in preparation for UB Recital

Registration Fee:

$50.00/per family nonrefundable, due at the time of online registration. This fee reserves your child's spot in their desired classes along with the administration costs. Please note - the credit card used to register for our 2022-23 dance season will be used for all fees throughout the year.

Tuition Pricing:

If you require a monthly tuition breakdown, please email the studio for further details. If you register after September 1st, 2022 your credit card on file will be charged the next day.

60-minute classes $60.00 per month

45-minute classes $50.00 per month

30-minute classes $35.00 per month

Music and Movement $50.00 per session

Creative Movement Classes $50.00 per month

Ballet/Jazz/Tap Classes $50.00 per month

Pointe Classes $50.00 per month (no discount applied)

Pricing Packages:

Company level classes have pricing packages that allow you to save money when taking 3 classes or more per student. If you are unsure of what level your student is in, all classes are color coded on our 2022-2023 Class Schedule. Click HERE to view the schedule

SM Little Mini Classes
SM Pre-Mini Classes
SM Mini Classes
SM Teen Classes
SM Senior Classes

Costume Fees:

The following classes will be charged $75.00 (per costume, plus NYS sales tax) Creative Movement, Ballet/Jazz/Tap, Ballet/Jazz and Boys Hip Hop

The following classes will be charged $85.00 (per costume, plus NYS sales tax)     All SM Dance Company Classes and Teen Prep Classes 

There are NO refunds on costume payments

Recital Fees:

$40.00 per student. This administrative fee is put towards the organization, preparation and participation in our 2022-23 recitals.

Late Fees:

Any credit card that is unable to be processed for more than 14 days will be charged a late fee of $10.00/per week.

2022-23 Recitals:

Dance is a team activity in which everyone's involvement is necessary. Please note that dress rehearsal and performances are mandatory and it is imperative that you are available to commit.

Children's Recital Dress Rehearsal and Showcase:
Where: UB Center for the Arts, Mainstage
Thursday, June 15th from 3:00-4:00pm - Dress Rehearsal
Friday, June 16th at 5:00pm - Children's Recital Showcase

Participating Classes:

  • Tuesday 10:00am Creative Movement with Lindsay
  • Tuesday 3:45pm BJT I with Lindsay
  • Wednesday 12:15pm Creative Movement with Lindsay
  • Thursday 4:45pm BJT I with Kelly
  • Saturday 9:30am BJT I with Marcy
  • Saturday 9:30am Creative Movement with Jillian
  • Saturday 10:00am Creative Movement with Jillian
  • Saturday 10:30am Creative Movement with Jillian
  • Saturday 11:00am Creative Movement with Jillian

2023 SM Dance Dress Rehearsal and Recitals:
Where: UB Center for the Arts, Mainstage
Thursday, June 15th at 4:00pm - Dress Rehearsal
Friday, June 16th at 7:00pm - Show I
Saturday, June 17th at 1:00pm - Show II

Participating Classes:

All other levels including BJT II and up will now perform in two identical shows on Friday June, 16th and Saturday, June 17th

  • All Little Mini's Classes
  • All Pre Mini's Classes
  • All Mini's Classes
  • All Teen Prep Classes
  • All Teen Classes
  • All Senior's Classes
  • Monday 3:45pm BJT III with Kelly
  • Monday 4:30pm Kids Hip Hop with Kayla
  • Monday 4:45pm Tap Prep with Sarah
  • Monday 5:15pm Ballet/Jazz with Sarah and Kayla
  • Monday 6:15pm Hip Hop with Kayla
  • Tuesday 3:30pm BJT II with Kelly
  • Tuesday 4:15pm BJT III with Lindsay
  • Tuesday 5:00pm Kids Hip Hop with Sarah
  • Tuesday 5:30pm Kids Hip Hop with Taylor
  • Tuesday 6:15pm Kids Hip Hop with Taylor
  • Wednesday 5:15pm Boys Hip Hop with Kayla
  • Wednesday 5:45pm Int/Adv. Kids Hip Hop with Lisa
  • Friday 3:30pm Beginner Hip Hop with Sarah
  • Saturday 10:15am BJT II with Marcy
  • Saturday 11:00am Hip Hop with Rachel
  • Saturday 11:30am BJT III with Marcy
  • Saturday 12:15pm Hip Hop with Rachel

Studio Updates and Reminders:

Please utilize our SM Dance Google Calendar located on our website. To receive last minute studio updates, including closings and general information, please subscribe to our Remind app. We do not coordinate our closings due to weather with any particular school district.

  1. Text the number 81010
  2. With the message @smddance


To ensure student progression throughout the year, it is imperative that class absences are limited to 3 or less classes per session, per class. Students who exceed the number of absences could jeopardize their involvement in the recital, competition or any other performances. Their participation will be up to the discretion of the studio owners. Also, please note that being on time for class is essential for a proper warm-up.

Drop Off and Pick Up:

Our building is open to registered students and staff only. This drop off protocol allows us to run the most efficient and safe program for our students. A staff member will be present if you need any assistance 🙂 
Pre-K through 5th grade students: Parents are asked to walk their child to the exterior door for drop off, as well as greet them at our door for pick up. Children will not be released into our parking lot without the assistance of an adult. 
6th grade students and up: Students will be released from class and are allowed to head to their vehicle on their own. If you are late to pick up your child, we do not allow students to wait outside of our building. 

Medical Conditions:

The safety and well-being of our staff and students is extremely important to us. All parents/guardians are responsible for informing teachers and assistants (in addition to Kelly and Yvonne) about all medical conditions/allergies associated with each student. Please utilize the medical conditions and allergies line on our registration form. We do not monitor the food and drinks that come in and out of our studio, therefore the studio is not an allergy free space (this includes any rehearsals/performances outside of SM Dance). Sherry Martin staff are not responsible or qualified to administer medication. Students and parents are personally responsible for themselves at all times.