Class Descriptions & Attire

SM Dance Classes and Levels

Please note our levels are utilized to assist in creating the most productive classroom environment that engages every child to feel successful and motivated. In some cases, students may be placed in a class outside of their age and level under the discretion of the studio owners and teachers.

Children’s Classes and Levels

Music & Movement (2 years old)

Join us in this playful class as we engage our youngest students to develop their motor skills, learn to follow direction and exercise their body and mind with the whimsy of song and dance. Adult accompaniment required.

Held in 4 week sessions:
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter 
  • Spring

Creative Movement (Preschool)

This energetic class introduces children to the world of dance. We incorporate beginner concepts from ballet and jazz that are engaging to preschool age dancers. This imaginative class will seamlessly transition each student to their next level of training.

Creative Movement I - for children turning 3 by January 1st
Creative Movement II - for children turning 4 by January 1st
Creative Movement III - for children turning 5 by January 1st

Ballet/Jazz/Tap (K-2nd grade)

This class provides every student with the background and confidence to transition directly into our core technique classes.

B/J/T I - Kindergarten
B/J/T II - 1st grade
B/J/T III - 2nd grade


At this age we separate tap as an option for students who would like to continue in this genre. Our Ballet/Jazz classes are a full hour and allow students to dive deeper into the technique of ballet and jazz. 

Ballet/Jazz (3-4th grade)

Intermediate Classes and Levels

These levels are for students in 4th grade and up


Ballet is one of the oldest forms of performance dance. It has become a staple in assisting dancers to reach their technical goals in all dance genres. Our ballet program develops our dancer’s strength and technique along with grace, poise, stage presence and overall passion for this beloved art form.

Jazz (ballet is required for this class)

This lively dance form comes from a variety of styles, set to a wide range of music from Broadway to Pop.


An American art form where dancers learn coordination, rhythmic variations and tap sequences by creating sounds with their feet. This class is offered in our Kids B/J/T classes where students begin to tap as early as 5 years old and continue into our advanced levels.

Hip Hop

Dancers will use basic body isolations, rhythms, textures and other forms of expressions - primarily performed to hip hop music and learn various forms of street styles that have evolved from hip hop culture.

Advanced Classes and Levels

This level of training is offered to select students who are exceeding technical expectations in all other technique classes.

Contemporary (ballet is required for this class)

This advanced class combines the grace of ballet with the rhythm and dynamics of jazz and modern dance. With the appropriate background of our ballet and jazz program students learn to explore the carefree spirit and release of this sophisticated class.

Pointe Classes

This is a hand selected class by the studio owners and ballet teachers.

Pre-Pointe (non-performance)

This class is offered as a 4-month training program (September through December) where students build the strength and dexterity to graduate and move into Pointe I. Pointe shoes are not worn at this level.

Pointe I

In this class students begin learning the fundamentals of wearing pointe shoes. This includes:
  • Sewing and tying your pointe shoes
  • Basic barre work and strengthening

Pointe II

As strength and technique has been established in our beginner classes, students are now able to expand their pointe repertoire by beginning to work on center floor with basic pointe technique.

SM Dance Attire

Music & Movement

Comfortable clothing suitable for dancing and stretching. Bare feet are best in our classroom to prevent slipping.

Creative Movement

Girls: Leotard and tights (of any color) ballet skirt (if desired) pink ballet slippers with hair neatly pulled away from the face.

Boys: Comfortable clothing suitable for dancing and stretching with black ballet slippers


Girls: Leotard and tights (of any color) ballet skirt (if desired) pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes (patent leather) with hair neatly pulled away from the face.

Boys: Comfortable clothing suitable for dancing and stretching with black ballet slippers and black tap shoes

Technique Classes (Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary)

Girls: Fitted dance attire which may include, leotard, tank tops or t-shirts, leggings, dance shorts, tights etc with hair neatly pulled away from the face.

Pink ballet slippers (canvas or leather) 
Tan jazz shoes (slip on)
Black tap shoes (tie)
Contemporary shoes (or bare feet)

Boys: Fitted attire which is suitable for dancing and stretching. 

Black ballet slippers (canvas or leather) 
Black jazz shoes (slip on or tie)
Black tap shoes (tie)

Hip Hop

Comfortable athletic wear suitable for dancing and stretching with any pair of clean sneakers only worn for Hip Hop class with a white sole. You may be asked to purchase more specific shoes for performances. With hair neatly pulled away from the face.