2021 Recital Fee

Please follow this link to pay the 2021 Recital Fee. You can pay for up to 4 dancers at once on this one-time payment.

Recital Fee

  2021 Head to Toe

Please reference the Head to Toe chart for your child’s costume for our June 2021 recital. You will find info about costumes / tights / shoes / hair.

Head to Toe

  2021 Class Schedule

The 2020-21 Class Schedule can be found here. It is color-coded by day of the week and shows the teacher and studio the class is in.

Class Schedule

  Our Philosophy

To enhance our students self esteem and physical well being by surrounding them with a creative and positive environment. With dance as our platform we help students develop self-discipline and character along with the technical aspects of dance. Join us at our Williamsville dance studio!