2018 Head to Toe

Head to Toe Chart

(key at the bottom)

Class DayClass TimeClass NameHairTIghtsShoesNotes
Monday3:30pmCreative Movement II3PB
Monday4:00pmPre Mini Ballet1PB
Monday4:45pmPre Mini Jazz1NJ
Monday5:30pmTeen Ballet1PB
Monday6:30pmTeen Lyrical1STSF
Monday7:30pmTeen Jazz1STJhat
Tuesday11:00amCreative Movement3PBgloves
Tuesday3:15pmBeginner Kid's Hip Hop4NH
Tuesday4:00pmBallet/Jazz/Tap Prep5STB
Tuesday5:15pmJr's Ballet1PB
Tuesday6:15pmJr's Jazz1STSJheadband
Tuesday7:15pmJr's Lyrical1STF
Tuesday8:15pmTeen / Company Tap1NT
Tuesday9:00pmTeen Hip Hop1NH
Wednesday12:30pmCreative Movement3PBboys bare feet
Wednesday3:45pmBallet/Jazz/Tap I3PB
Wednesday4:30pmBallet/Jazz/Tap II3PB
Wednesday5:45pmSr's Ballet1PB
Wednesday6:45pmSr's Jazz1STSF
Wednesday7:45pmSr's Lyrical1STSF
Thursday4:15pmBeginner Kid's Hip Hop4NHmitts
Thursday5:00pmMini's Ballet1PB
Thursday6:00pmMini's Jazz1STJ
Thursday7:00pmJr's Tap1NT
Thursday8:00pmJr's Hip Hop1NH
Thursday9:00pmCompany Hip HopNH
Friday4:00pmPre Mini Tap1NT
Friday4:45pmPre Mini Hip Hop1NH
Friday5:45pmKids Int/Adv Hip Hop1NH
Friday6:45pmBoys Hip HopNH
Saturday9:30amCreative Movement2PB
Saturday10:00amCreative Movement II3PBgloves
Saturday11:15amBallet/Jazz/Tap III1STTheadband
Saturday12:15pmBallet/Jazz/Tap Prep1STBmitts
Saturday1:15pmBeginner Kid's Hip Hop1NH
Saturday2:00pmPre Mini Ballet1PB
Saturday2:45pmPre Mini Jazz1STJ
Saturday3:30pmMusical Theater1PB
Company Ballet1PB



1. Left part, low bun
2. Hair neatly pulled away from face
3. Hair neatly pulled way from face, with headpiece on right hand side of child
4. 1/2 up, 1/2 down
5. 1/2 up, 1/2 down with headpiece on right hand side of child


All tights are to be Bailey Slipper Shop brand.

P: Pink
ST: Suntan
STS: Suntan Stirrup
N: No tights needed or nothing specific


B: Pink ballet slippers
J: Tan jazz
T: Tap shoes
H: Hip Hop shoes