COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan

COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan
Sherry Martin Dance
5479 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221

Owners: Kelly Schroeder, Yvonne Frederick

I. People

A. Physical Distancing. To ensure employees comply with physical distancing requirements we agree to do the following:


Ensure 6 feet distance between personnel, this includes staff, students and parents. Masks must be worn at all times covering both the mouth and nose. Acceptable face coverings for COVID 19 include, but are not limited to cloth base face coverings and disposable masks. Bandanas, buffs and gators are not deemed acceptable. Disposable masks will be available to staff or students who come to our space unequipped. 

Lobby Etiquette

Our lobby and vestibule will require masks at all times by staff, students and parents. These spaces will be limited to a 33% maximum occupancy. Our lobby will no longer be utilized as a waiting space for parents and siblings. 
Exception: Children with medical conditions that require the oversight of a parent or guardian will be allowed to have one adult waiting in the lobby with SM Dance approval. 
Children will be allowed to enter the building 5 minutes prior to their scheduled class. Class times will be staggered to allow for less exposure to others. All personal items other than street shoes will be taken into the classroom to keep the lobby clear of congestion. 

Classroom Etiquette

A secondary studio space has been developed to allow for smaller class sizes as well as minimal exposure to others. To keep a minimum of 6 feet social distance, classrooms will be divided into individual quadrants along with ballet barres that will be clearly marked to allow for a minimum of 6 feet between students. Class sizes will be determined by allowable space requirements and or 33% maximum occupancy.

Sign in Process

All sign in of staff and registered students will be taken daily per class through our attendance log. Parents and guardians are no longer allowed into our building. Under the rare circumstance a guest enters our space, a mandatory Sign in as Guest link is provided on our website to track additional persons who enter the building.

Air Handling System

Our central HVAC system meets the minimum requirement of MERV 13. Documentation from a certified technician has been obtained. When the weather permits our doors will be propt open for additional clean air flow.

Payment Methods

All payments must be made through our website to minimize the interaction between customers and staff.


We encourage an open dialog between our parents, students and teachers. If you need to have a conversation please use safe methods such as email or phone if a detailed conversation is necessary. Our desk will remain in the lobby as a work space for employees only not as a gathering space. A 6 feet guide will be placed in front of the reception desk for appropriate distancing for quick questions and answers. 

II. Places

A. Protective Equipment. To ensure employees comply with protective equipment requirements, we agree that you will do the following:


Face coverings will be provided by SM Dance to all of its employees. Students and parents who enter our space must come with their own masks and keep them accessible at all times. 

Along with face coverings, disinfectant and disposable gloves will be available to employees.

B. Hygiene and Cleaning. To ensure employees comply with hygiene and cleaning requirements, we agree to do the following:


A cleaning log will be kept by SM Dance to ensure proper cleaning protocol is followed. After each class, ballet barres and other commonly touched surfaces will be disinfected prior to the next class and recorded in our attendance log. Restrooms will be available to staff and students only. Restrooms will be sanitized at a minimum of 2 times a day. A SM Dance staff member will wipe down all common surfaces in our restrooms and record cleanings in our bathroom cleaning log. Students that are unable to use the bathroom without assistance/supervision will not be allowed to participate in classes unless they are registered in a class that requires adult accompaniment. 

Personal Hygiene

Students and staff will be asked to wash/sanitize their hands before and after each class. We will provide touchless hand sanitizing stations for our staff and students that is at least 60% alcohol. For students and staff that prefer to wash their hands, a dedicated sink for hand washing is located in Studio II.  All sinks will have touchless soap dispensers and paper towels for proper hand washing.
C. Communication. To ensure the business and its employees comply with communication requirements, we agree to do the following:
Signage will be posted throughout our space to remind students, staff and parents of our guidelines. 
A clear plan of how the logistics for dropoff, class transitions and what class protocol will look like prior to reopening our door was emailed in video form to all registered families and staff and is also available on our website.
A continuous log of students, teachers and parents that enter our space will be taken by the teachers who are on site at all times through an attendance log and our "Sign in as a Guest" button on our website.
If a worker tests positive for COVID-19 the employee will immediately notify the state and local health departments and cooperate with contact tracing efforts. The studio will then notify families of potential people who had close contact with the individual, while maintaining confidentiality required by state and federal law and regulations. After 24 hours the studio will be properly sanitized before classes can resume.

III. Process

A. Screening. To ensure the business and its employees comply with protective equipment requirements, we agree that you will do the following: 


All employees will keep a personal log of temperature checks prior to coming into the studio to work.
All staff members and registered studio families will be asked to notify SM Dance if a family member or someone you have come in close contact with tests positive for COVID-19. Staff and students exhibiting a fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms must stay home and not participate in classes until given permission by the health department that they are safe to return to normal activities.