2022 UB Recital

Dress Rehersal

Thursday, June 16th at UB Center for the Arts, Mainstage Theater
4:00pm - Cast Call for all Act 1 dancers
6:00pm - Cast Call for all Act 2 dancers
6:00pm - Finale Rehearsal (Please note all dancers in Act 2 will be dancing in the finale)
6:30pm - Dinner break
7:00pm - Act 2 will start promptly
A show line-up is available at the bottom of this page
To ensure a smooth performance weekend, dress rehearsal is treated like the actual show. 
  • Dancers should arrive with hair and makeup completed. Make sure to have all costumes, tights and shoes ready to go. 
  • Please enter UB Center for the Arts through the main doors of the facility. Once you arrive, have your dancer locate their designated dressing room. Additional costumes can be dropped off at this time if your dancer is performing in more than one number. Please make sure to label all of your child's costumes and shoes. 
  • All Act 1 dancers need to be seated in the Mainstage Theatre with their designated classes no later than 4:00pm
  • Dressing rooms are not monitored by Sherry Martin staff or parents during rehearsal. If your child requires supervision, please arrange for someone to be with them during this time. 
  • Once dress rehearsal begins, classes will be called in order of the show and will line up in the hallway prior to entering stage. If your child is only dancing in Act 1 and would like to be part of the finale, they will need to rehearse the finale from 6:00-6:30pm. If they are dancing in Act 2 only, you may arrive at 6:00pm to run the finale and then continue with Act 2 at 7:00pm.

Recital Information

Show 1
Friday, June 17th at UB Center for the Arts, Mainstage Theater
5:30pm - Cast Call for ALL dancers
6:00pm - House Opens
6:30pm - Show will promptly begin (each Act will run approximately 1 hour)
Show 2
Saturday, June 18th at UB Center for the Arts, Mainstage Theater
12:00pm - Cast Call for ALL dancers 
12:30pm - House Opens
1:00pm - Show will begin promptly (each Act will run approximately 1 hour)
  • Dancers are to arrive through UB Center for the Arts main doors and immediately report downstairs to their designated dressing rooms. If your child is only performing in either Act 1 or 2 they are welcome to watch the other act in the audience as long as they have a ticket purchased through the box office.
  • No costumes should be worn in the lobby or audience. Students who perform in Act 1 only are free to leave after Act 1 is over.
  • For our students safety all students must be signed in and out by either a parent or guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If students are interested in being a part of the finale, they must remain backstage for the remainder of the show.
  • Please be aware there will be no entering or exiting of either Act unless done within the 15 minute intermission. This is to respect the dancers who are performing at that time.


1. Start Your Engines – Friday 7:00pm (Kayla)
2. Love on the Brain – Thursday 7:15pm (Kelly)
3. Jukebox Baby – Tuesday 4:15pm (Jess)
4. Careless Whisper – Tuesday 7:30pm (Kelly)
5. Astronaut In The Ocean – Friday 4:30pm (Kayla)
6. Party Queen – Thursday 4:00pm (Lindsay)
7. M’Lady – Monday 4:15pm (Kelly)
8. When The Party’s Over – Wednesday 6:30pm (Emily)
9. This is What Makes Us Girls (Jocelyn, Taylor and Krista) Trio
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Monday 8:00pm (Marcy)
11. Every Chance I Get – Wednesday 5:00pm (Kayla)
12. Potter Waltz – Wednesday 3:30pm (Yvonne)
13. Halloween – Friday 3:45pm (Kayla)
14. Surprise Yourself – Thursday 6:15pm (Sara)
15. Cold – Thursday 8:00pm (Kayla)
16. Fire – Monday 5:00pm (Kayla)
17. Dancing Machine – Tuesday 4:45pm (Kelly)
18. A Lil’ Bit Country – Friday 6:15pm (Brittany)
19. I Feel Good – Tuesday 8:15pm (Jen)
20. Thriller – Tuesday 6:45pm (Kelly)
21. Requiem – Thursday 6:15pm (Yvonne)

1. Flight 5479 – Wednesday 7:30pm (Kayla)
2. Ladies Night – Wednesday 3:30pm (Kelly)
3. Non Stop – Thursday 3:30pm (Kayla)
4. Sally Walker – Thursday 7:00pm (Brittany)
5. Night Shade – Monday 6:30pm (Emily)
6. Empress – Tuesday 4:00pm (Yvonne)
7. Mmm – Friday 6:15pm (Sara)
8. It’s Goin’ Down – Wednesday 5:45pm (Lisa)
9. Man in the Mirror – Monday 5:30pm (Kelly and Yvonne)
10. 24K Magic – Thursday 5:00pm (Taylor)
11. Pure Imagination – Monday 7:15pm (Emily)
12. Candy Store – Monday 3:45pm and Monday 4:15pm (Kayla)
13. Cello Suite – Tuesday 6:00pm (Yvonne)
14. The Witching Hour – Thursday 5:30pm (Kayla)
15. Come Fly With Me – Wednesday 5:45pm (Kayla)
16. Oompa Loompa – Wednesday 4:30pm (Kayla)
17. September – Friday 5:15pm (Sara)
18. I Need a Doctor – Wednesday 8:30pm (Kayla)
19. Don’t You Evah – Tuesday 5:15pm (Kelly)
20. Purple Hat Cheetah Print – Wednesday 8:30pm (Emily)
21. FINALE (Entire Cast)